Why feed a Premium Pet Food?

Failure to recognise the real dietary needs of our cats and dogs, combined with every owner's natural desire "to do the best", may represent a danger for our pets by projecting onto them our wishes, our lifestyles, without taking account of their dietary requirements.

Man is an omnivore with a sense of taste and enjoying variety to dispel boredom, where as a cat and dogs digestive system, a carnivore, is adapted to one particular type of food.
A Meat Based Premium dry food is a complete balanced food providing all the nutrients that your pet needs (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins).

If the diet does not contain sufficient quantities of these nutrients to meet your pets requirements, it can lead to severe nutritional dietary deficiencies.

Come and talk to the team at Petsmart.nz about your pets nutritional requirements and see how feeding premium foods may save you money.